Artists trying to rally the public to their causes generally ask too much -- "join a protest", "give money", "value my Baghdad reporting more than Wolf Blitzer's". Amazingly, the most annoying artist of all just wants you to cover your hideous body with his clothes: Edun

A pet project of Bono benefiting sustainable labor in Africa, Edun's new "Nocturne" collection (loosely based around colors of night) has all been assembled at a Hayes Valley temp store -- Bono himself was gonna introduce it in song, but the forecast called for not enough hair-wafting wind. The surprisingly subtle line starts with drapey cotton U- and V-neck tees emblazoned with everything from ravens, to thorns, to baobab trees, before ramping up to polos (e.g., the rag-stitched/contrast placket "Phoenix") and buttondowns like the vintage-inspired "Ethos" oxford, and the "Brando Military" w/ shoulder straps and button-up sleeves -- for when it's time to act like it's time to kick ass. Outerwear includes hoodies (twill tape zipper/shoulder detailed) and worn-looking cardigans of blended cashmere and virgin wool; down below, trousers include the cotton/linen "Shillingford" cargos, the gray, not-too-skinny "Odyssey" jeans, and the relaxed-fit/boot-cut "Galaxy Pant", making your ass the final frontier

A few tees pack a little more punch, like "Survive" (a pair of scissors threatening to decapitate the wearer at the V-neck), and "Last Caress", which rocks embracing skeletons, distant relatives of that ill, screaming skull exhorting you to start Kabbalah.