Simple Start

Dead batteries are a tiresome fact of life, enlivened only by the fear that transposing the red/black wires will result in a lethal roadside inferno. Since that's only thrilling 'til your dead, avoid the whole mess with the Simple Start.Frustrated by having to carry dual memberships with AA and AAA, Black and Decker engineers drew on their wealth of tool/toaster expertise to create this no-brainer battery-booster. Just charge the SS using the included wall plug and stow it in your glove compartment right between the unpaid parking tickets and stolen golf pencils. Then the next time your pre-makeout Jock Jams session runs your battery down, plug the SS into your cigarette lighter and in about 10 minutes you're back in action (driving action, that is, since your date left the moment she realized you expected sex parked behind an Arby's).When not jumping your car, the Simple Start also charges cellphones, and comes equipped with a high-intensity light bright enough to read maps by, or to bottom-light your face while telling a ghost story -- about the jackass who fried himself jump-starting his car, and now wanders the 405 warning people that they should have read their Thrillist.